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What is Eventrize ?

Eventrize is a new innovation, that delivers a great value to every event organizer and event attendee.

Smart Phones has become a daily necessity that people depend on in their social life, business and time management. This is where Eventrize comes in, Eventrize offers a unique solution through the use of mobile applications that allows the event organizer to present his event in a way that makes the attendees not just interested in downloading the application to know more, but to also attend the event.

Eventrize offers a seamless mobile solution, all presented in one single application. The simplicity and user experience of the Eventrize application makes its demand increasing not every day, but every hour.


Here is what Eventrize has to offer

  • Present the Agenda of the event customized specifically to how the organizer sees fit.

  • Present the Biography and contact information of speakers in the event, all with a touch.

  • Present the sponsorships in an elegant design that allows you to present your sponsors to the world.

  • Present the Exhibitors of the event to the attendees and show what they have to offer in an elegantly designed tab.

  • The Map of the venue where the event will take place, marking the key spots where you want the attendee to visit.

  • QR Code scanner that allows the user to scan the code of any of the exhibitors to get the contact information

  • Social media integration which allows the user to always stay connected

  • Push notifications that allows the organizer to manage the push messages sent to the attendees.

  • Manage the entire content of the application and push notifications through a web based


Here is what Eventrize has to offer

  • Increase the exposure to your event.

  • spread awareness of your events and follow up with attendees

  • monetize the value of the application by setting up advertising for exhibitors and sponsors, including the capability to advertise through the push notifications feature.

  • Keep a record of your event and the exhibitors and their contacts for future references.