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Security Implementation Services help enterprises set up a powerful cyber security program to protect sensitive data and other digital assets from ever-evolving digital threats.

Enterprise vulnerability management:

Conduct cyber security workshops for employees and provide a comprehensive vulnerability remediation program to tackle known threats and fix them early in SDLC.

Digital forensics and fraud management

Catalyze e-discovery, malware analysis and disk, network and mobile forensics and boosts fraud investigation, with thorough root-cause analysis of breach incidents.

Governance, risk and compliance management

Deploy GRC solutions, automation tools, and an industry-proven supplier risk framework.

Managed Security Services

Establish a next-gen Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor and respond to security incidents. Implement preventive and detective controls in the cloud environment.

Minimize information risk

Protect sensitive information from attacks by implementing a robust identity and access management framework.

Regulatory compliance

Adhere to stringent data protection rules and avoid hefty regulatory penalties with a rigorous cyber threat detection and prevention platform.