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Network Security

Network Security includes integrated features such as a configurable firewall paired with an Intrusion Prevention system, and DDoS attacks protection.Take a deeper look at the extensive range of features provided by this security application.


Network Security Features


A good firewall can stop costly events that lead to data loss or theft, infected workstations, and other productivity-sapping incidents. Properly configured, a firewall can keep much of your operation protected.
Intrusion Prevention:

By peering into the network’s approved traffic, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can separate the good traffic from the hazardous traffic and keep your network safe from outside assaults.
DoS Protection:

Internet connections are easily found and used maliciously by the most basic malware. Denial of Service prevention keeps your resources safe and undamaged during these attacks.
Bandwidth Control:

Internet bandwidth often limits how fast networks can operate. Companies that make the most of their available bandwidth keep employee productivity high without having them experience excessive waits as they work.
Branch Office VPN:

Linking remote sites with a main office lets users send and receive information via a secure connection. With the VPN, users can link hundreds of sites together without any experience setting up VPN networks.
SSL Remote Access:

Travelers and field staff frequently find themselves outside work or their home office and in the need of a stable, secure connection that operates anywhere. SSL Remote Access solves this problem.

IPSec Remote Access:

For workers in the field, being able to access resources on the company network is often required to conduct business. Using a special client, users can access resources behind the device with absolute and security.

Native Windows Remote Access:

Windows has integrated options for securely connecting a client to a remote end point. As user-friendly remote access technology, The device can act as a receiver for this feature to enable users to create tunnels quickly.

Directory Authentication:

Directory authentication interfaces with external databases and makes use of their users and groups in your security configuration. An easy way to let users connect their VPN access with their existing login.


The UserPortal is a self-management hub where employees can work with their email messages and previously configured remote access technologies without the help of an Administrator.