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Web Security

Our Web Security service protects employees from threats and allows you to apply terms and conditions to where and how they can spend their time online. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network and cause damage. Everything is tracked and arranged in detailed reports which show how effective your policy is so adjustments can be made.

Web Security Key Features:

  • URL Filtering: Casual surfing wastes time and some sites can contain unwanted and inappropriate images, videos, or content. Specify which websites employees have access to by using Content Filtering.
  • Spyware Protection: Spyware programs still present one of the biggest issues for administrators.spyware protection can keep users from infection while stopping sensitive data from being silently transmitted.
  • Antivirus Scanning: Deflect damaging and malicious content at the gateway using dual, individual virus engines that operate in parallel. This allows content to be scanned and blocked before it has a chance to enter the network.
  • HTTPS Scanning: A secure surfing session protects user data and privacy, but threatens the security of the company as sites and files can contain malicious content. HTTPS filtering removes this network blind spot and makes traffic fully transparent.
  • IM/P2P Filtering: Instant messaging is often used non-work related; file sharing networks take up precious bandwidth slowing down the network. Using IM/P2P Filtering you save money by restricting access to these programs.
  • User Reporting: It is critical to have feedback on how effective a security device is. With clear, detailed, searchable reports, this can save you thousands by providing the information you need to adjust configurations.